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7:30 pm, Ultimate Cheer Booster Club presents their 7:30PM new Tuesday night game with 2 Jackpots and 1 75%/10% to the winner split pot and 1 Progressive Split Pot! This new Tuesday night game has a pay out of $2,900 + 2 Split Pots. And don’t forget to purchase that Bonus Ball for a shot at the roll over jackpot worth up to $6000.
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7:30 pm, All Star Parent’s Booster Club presents their 7:30PM “All You Can Play Pricing” High Stakes Bingo, featuring 2 $1000 Jackpots and 2 Progressive Split Pots offering some of the highest roll over payouts in the State of New York. Play 9 to 24 faces for just $15, 3 faces for $5 or 6 for $10. They also offer a great Bermuda Triangle Warm Up Game paying up to $250 and don’t forget to purchase that Bonus Ball for a shot at the roll over jackpot worth up to $6000. This is a full Saturday Night of entertainment and great high stakes prizes..
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12:00 noon,
A tradition at Gates Center Bingo is the 12:00PM/2:00PM Gates Chili Color Guard Parents Double Bingo. This has been one of the most popular double bingos in the Rochester area for almost 2 decades. The 12 Noon “after church” game features 2 great Split Pots offering the maximum allowed 75% payouts..
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2:00 pm, The Gates Chili Color Guard Parents continue their Sunday Double Bingo with a full afternoon of great fun and prizes. This game is highlighted by large payouts and 2 Split Pots. The first Split Pot pays the maximum allowed 75% to the winner and the second is a Progressive Split Pot offering some of the largest prizes in the area.
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5:00 pm, Gates Chili Colorguard: Join in with your friends and welcome the all new Friday Night Double - presented by the Gates Chili Color Guard. Up to a full $6000 in prizes plus split pots, and don't forget their unique high stakes Rainbow Warm Up and a great U Pick Em. All for a very low "All You Can Play" price - high stakes bingo, low stakes prices. That's every Friday night at 7:30 at your favorite Gates Bingo.  
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