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Progressive Splitpot
Carryover & Prize
Dec 16 ~ Dec 21
Tues 7:30pm
#1 49 $339.50
#2 57 $4,924.00
BB $477.00

Wed 7:30pm
57 $3,569.50
BB $2,382.75

Thur 7:30pm
51 $772.00
BB $226.50

Fri 12:30pm
51 $1,361.00
BB $5,639.25

Fri 7:30pm
48 $0.00
BB $6,000.00

Sat 7:30
#1 50 $1,616.00
#2 57 $4,194.50
BB $2,935.50

Sun 2pm
53 $1,690.50
BB $480.75
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Hall closes at the conclusion of the last game. Lottery and pull-tab tickets are available whenever doors are open.


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